Last tracks from the workshop

Should pass the test of time, well at least 2019. Didn’t do much in 2018, except a few drafts (see comments below playlist). Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome anytime, as well as collaborations, preferably under Creative Commons.

A few comments about the tracks :

Spacey came up to light, as often, as a guitar arpeggio. This one is somehow special as it started in Sri Lanka, around my birthday. I took some rest in Hideaway hostel in Unawatuna, and couldn’t resist buying a guitar and fiddle with it in this little heaven on earth. Blessings to Jennie and Cartoon, who run it with kindness and elegance.

733-9969 is yet another one that is rooted in Sri Lanka, after meeting Manna, who writes poetry. She’d recorded the foundations, her voice and sound clips, and I just added the rest. She won a prize at Queensland Poetry Festival for this very moving memories of long distance phone calls. No news since, sighs …

9 millions birds” is the soundtrack of a video clip shot by Kati Murto. Peace and love to you, Kati. Hope winter is fine with you in Helsinki

Mystic (a)wakening” has been with me for a while, started in Marseille, and evolved in Thai Plum Village. Bless you my friends, and especially you, Thay, nickname of our beloved Thich Nhat Hanh.